About Music Makers

Our friendly sessions are full of music, dancing, smiles and fun for you and your little one!

We host sessions for mixed ages and needs, from babies through to preschoolers, as we strongly believe that children can learn so much from each other as well as from adults and also love to see young siblings sharing special time together.

Our 40 minutes sessions consist of a mix of nursery rhymes, action songs and some funky original songs too, all blended within a familiar routine. We are joined by our friendly mascot, Simba the Lion, and the children love to sing about him and join in with the dances! Our ‘Hello song’ encourages the group to get to know each other by name and the use of our lovely individual music kits, which include a core range of props such as tapsticks, bells and dancing scarves, help to bring each song to life!

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What’s in it for little ones?

Sharing and engaging in musical activities with your children is a wonderful way to have fun together whilst supporting the development of their skills such as communication, language, memory skills, motor skills and concentration. Little ones learn through watching and through repetition – you’ll be surprised at just how quickly they can pick things up!

What’s in it for you?

Spending the time interacting and singing with your little one in our sessions not only strengthens the bond you share, but also allows you to meet like-minded people within a friendly and relaxed environment.

Keeping you and your little one safe

Our sessions centre around our much-loved music kits and we just love to see babies, toddlers and our biggest Music Makers take ownership of their kits and make them their own! Music kits are available for you to purchase either upon booking or from our online shop and then bring along to each session for you and your little one to use. You will also then be able to enjoy recreating our musical fun at home with your little one!

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