Our Team

Jenni ~
Business Owner
Experience: 14 Years Teaching in Early Years and Primary Education and 4 years of Music Making!
Hobbies: Singing, painting and baking with my two girls
Fun Fact: I'm a bit of a chocoholic!
After 14 rewarding years of teaching, Jenni took over Music Makers Northants, a music and movement session that had been running for 10 years previously and that she had brought both of her own young children along to! It is […]
Beth ~
Session Leader
Experience: 5 years of official Music Making
Hobbies: Baking, crochet, country walks & family movie nights
Fun Fact: I'm scared of frogs!
In 2011 when Beth returned to work after maternity leave, she missed seeing her new mummy friends, especially when she couldn’t join them at this great new group called Music Makers! Two years later, Beth made it along to a […]
Simba ~
Experience: 14 Years of Music Making
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing and Playing instruments!
Fun Fact: I'm vegan!
Simba was one of the founding members of Music Makers and continues to be the much-loved central character for a number of our catchy songs! He's a friendly little fella who loves bringing a joy of music to everyone, both […]